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July 2022

A dominant focus of our work is lighting for pedestrians and cyclists – using road lighting after dark to make walking and cycling safer and more attractive, whilst being respectful of the need to reduce the broader impact of lighting after dark.

Recent news items show public concern with road safety, such as poor car parking which hinders travel by wheelchair. A similar issue for cyclists is vehicle parking on cycle lanes, so it is good to see plans which aim to counter this behaviour. A recent article on road lighting highlights a general misunderstanding of what we should be able to expect lighting to do, or not do. Or, perhaps, it highlights that road lighting is a convenient target for complaining about other problems in one’s life.

Our project SATURN (Supporting Active Travel Using Road-lighting at Night) seeks to show the degree to which road lighting of different illuminances enhances the numbers of cyclists, and these data will be fed into the traffic planning model developed by Robin Lovelace at Leeds University. Jim Uttley gave a talk on the SATURN project at the Cycle City Active City conference in Sheffield on 6th July 2022. The slides from this talk are available here.

In May we had a visit from Kynthia Chamilothori of Eindhoven Technical University. Our PhD students gave presentations about their work, following which Kynthia gave feedback on what they might do to improve their work. Our two newest PhD students, Shahab Gorjimahlabani and Maan Balela recently completed their confirmation reviews and so are now on the path towards thesis submission.

EPSRC granted our project HAROLD (HAzards, ROad Lighting and Driving) a 12-month extension in lieu of COVID. This is good news; it means we have another year to work with Yichong.

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