Lighting Research Group

School of Architecture, the University of Sheffield

Group members


Steve Fotios

Chris Cheal

Jim Uttley

Demet Yesiltepe

Gavin Tolan

PhD students:

Shahab Gorjimahlabani

Aysheh Alshdaifat

Maan Balela

Nima Hafezparast Moadab

Scott Fox

Previous members:

Yichong Mao

Intisar Hussain Elgadra

Khalid Hamoodh

Chloe Robbins

Aleksandra Liachenko Monteiro

Choong Yew Chang

Hussain Qasem

Zeynep Keskin

Qi Yao

Holly Castleton

Deniz Atli

Naoya Hara

Jemima Unwin

Biao Yang


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2014: LumeNet, EPFL (organised by Jan Wienold)

Previous events


January 2024

Aysheh Alshdaifat and Nima Moadab have now submitted their PhD theses, at around the three year limit. They have done well to do so,  given that their research (experiments with human participants) was severely impacted by the lockdowns and social  isolation rules  of the Covid Pandemic for the first year or so of their studentships. 

November 2023

Steve attended the 7th Academic Forum in Copenhagen. This is the research methods symposium, which, in alternate years (to LumeNet) focuses on daylight research, brilliantly organised as ever by Jens Christoffersen of VELUX.  

This was followed by a LightCAP meeting in Berlin. As the project approaches completion, this meeting was held to enable a collaborative effort on drafting the final report: what have we learned? It is good to see that the 15 early career researchers have gelled. It is clear that they are a mutually supportive group, with the potential to lead succesful academic careers. Great thanks should be given to Yvonne de Kort of Eindhoven Technical University who leads this project. 

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Students and reviewers at the 2023 Academic Forum

Members of the LightCAP project, Berlin 2023